3 thoughts on “Council Meeting Agenda 21st October 2019

  1. Please leave the lights in Clayton Bay off. Since being turned on I cannot sleep because of the white light shining through my bedroom window.

  2. As per lighting at Clayton bay i am in favour of lighting for safety reasons, against break ins. I had to pick an item up from my shed just as the house was being built my front neighbuor approached me and said he was scared as the only lighting was from the headlights and thought someone was breaking in, a friend came up two months ago to trip over because he could not see where he was going to get to his vehicle. His comment why is there no lights, good point.

  3. Yes I live 16 Webers Way Clayton Bay. I would like street lights put on in around me house. It is very dark at night. People wandering around at night cannot see walking dogs. I bought this prpoerty knowing the lights were there but not realising they were not working. There have been many breakins in houses and sheds. Please light up my house in needs to be done. Many people who complain about the lights do not live in this estate

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